Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Mother Teresa" (movie) at Newman tonight

Our scheduled speaker for tonight is sick, so we are showing a documentary on Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, 6:45 pm at the Newman Center.  God gave me the amazing gift of meeting her in 1995 as shown above.  Here is a review of tonight's movie:

"Two Thumbs Up, Inspirational and absolutely fascinating" By Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, Siskel and Ebert
Ebert: The documentary, Mother Teresa, goes a long way toward explaining why this quiet, simple old woman has become one of the most loved and respected people in the world. For one thing, we find out in this movie, she's not so quiet and simple. She comes across as an intelligent, determined and sometimes very funny woman who was born in Albania. ..What I saw in this film was a woman who is not only idealistic and, must I use this word, saintly, but also very practical and a well organized person, a natural leader whose vision is so clear and concentrated then she started an international movement with almost literally no financial resources. Big business could study this movie for lessons from Mother Teresa in organization and management.
Siskel: At one point she's talking to some of the people working for her. She says to these young people, "If you don't have that zeal, pack up and go home. No need to stay". I mean, she could be Lee Iacocca talking to the Chrysler plant. So you see the full woman here. You see tragic scenes of her helping people, reaching and touching the people that no one else will touch. We both appreciated the documentary on the amazing life of Mother Teresa, an inspiring story, a well made documentary about one of the most charitable spirits of our time.

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