Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's a miracle for baby Carter!

A godson of mine, Carter Thomas Furey, who has battled cancer in one of his eyes for most of his very young life, received an Easter miracle from the Lord this week.  His grandmother sent me and the priest who prayed over his eye (with a relic of St Ricardo Pampuri) the following email today.  God is AWESOME.

What a wonderful day for Carter and the entire Furey family!  I owe so much of this to the power of prayer but also to the special prayer you (Fr Lee) gave Carter in the sacristy on Sunday after Mass.

All of the "seeds" that were "attacking" his eye are gone! They (the doctors) were gently preparing us for the possibility of ennoculation (total eye removal) and receiving a prosthetic eye. The idea of that was killing me but Jessy was educating herself on what she needed to know if/when the time came. I am so proud of her!
Then this morning during his routine, monthly EUA (exam under anesthesia) they discovered that everything is gone! He will still receive his next round of chemotherapy on Monday (and two or three more rounds in the coming months) just to be sure all the "bad stuff is dead and gone".
To get the whole story, continue to follow Carters journey at  for the most current updates

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