Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Father, question"

I was speaking to students over the weekend about the blog site. I told them that many GW students are hitting this site, but very few are posting comments or questions. One student said that I should explain how to post a comment because she couldn't figure out how to do it. I very much appreciate her feedback and will explain how to post a comment or question below.

I've probably said this before on here, but I know that you all have TONS of questions. The real purpose of this site is try to answer your questions. You can ask ANY appropriate question regarding faith, morals, or life. And, while anonymous comments aren't ideal (it can lead to confusion among other things), you don't even have to leave your name. Keep in mind this, too: your question (and the subsequent answer) could really help someone else.

One of the most frequent comments at the Newman Center is, "Father, question". It is the abbreviated form, of course, of saying, "Father, I have a question for you". I get asked questions all the time in my conversations with people here. Some of you all take full advantage of asking a priest or campus minister questions about God or faith. I am inviting the rest of you to take advantage of it here. Now is a HUGE time in your life to find answers. And, you might not always have this opportunity to say, "Father, question". Please take advantage of it.

(One side note: if you have a personal question or comment, the best thing is to email me and it will be kept confidential.)

Here's how to post a comment or question:

- click on "comments" under one of my posts
- type in your comment in the box titled "Leave your comment"
- below the box, click on either "anonymous" or "name" (and type in your name in the box below; URL is not necessary)
- click on publish your comment
- word verification - type in the letters or numbers shown (this prevents spam comments)
- I receive and review your comment; I will approve appropriate comments asap

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Anonymous said...

From my son- it seems that students seem to use minimum character exchanges and a blog requires a bit more, though, my experience has been that they have a lot to say. Maybe, they aren’t accustomed to such an open and even (potentially) lengthy forum.
Perhaps advertising your tag line of the discussion at hand along with the open invitation for dialogue on such forums as Facebook and Twitter would yield exchanges. I find it hard to believe that students don’t have opinions.