Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bible Study help

Alternative Spring Break 2010
(yes, it's time to sign up)

Where: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

When: March 13-20

What: We will be working with the United Methodist Relief Center to help build and repair homes for low-income individuals.

Logistics: We have room for 25 students to attend. The cost is $250 per person.

Due Date: This trip fills up very quickly and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contacts: For more information email Meg Miller at meg@gwcatholic.com.
We began our Bible Study here earlier this month, meeting on Monday nights from 7-8 pm. The discussions have been quite good. They might be on a bit of a deeper level than I expected because those who have been coming seem to have participated in a Bible Study before. There are some students who came the first night but haven't returned, maybe because the comments and questions of the participants were more advanced or academic than they were looking for. I enjoy the current Bible Study but am wondering if there is something else we can offer.

I know that GW students want to understand the Bible better. I know that there is interest in a Bible Study. When I was here before as a seminarian, I led a Bible Study with the same format (discussing the Sunday readings) which was well attended regularly by students. So, if the desire to learn Scripture is there, can you help me to understand why only a few students are coming out on Monday nights?

Do we need to plug it more at Mass (which we have done several times) or advertize it better? Do we need to have it elsewhere on campus, away from the Newman Center (which might scare off some students who would otherwise come)? Do we need to provide a more focused Bible Study (e.g., studying the Gospel of John)?

In other words, what can we do to build up a Catholic Bible Study at GW? When that happens, God willing, more students will know Scripture better and, thus, know Christ better. "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ" -St. Jerome.

We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy going over the Sunday readings - it helps me to understand them as sometimes I get lost at Mass.

I also think it would be great to do a focused Bible Study as well though. Focusing on some of the Gospels or other books, women in the Bible, the epistles, etc.

Anonymous said...

maybe it is because it is the first of the week?

Anonymous said...

How about incorporating the Bible study with dinner/snacks?

Or maybe Tuesdays would be better. Perhaps Monday evenings are for catching up with the schoolwork that should've been done on the weekends.