Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"There are days"

Here is a beautiful post by "Joan" from earlier this month. Thanks, Joan!

"There are days I wish Mass lasted longer because I become so absorbed in it, and days when I feel like I may have missed the whole point (and sometime wonder if I should go again and see if it sinks in the second time). There are days I sit before our Lord Exposed and feel his presence and other days I wonder what to do with the time and why I even bothered to be there. Jesus who is God cried out for the cup to pass him by. In his crucifixion, He also asked "why have you abandoned me?"

Through faith we know God is with us in the good and bad times. I have hunted for retreats (but never gone); considered finding a spiritual advisor (but don't know where to start); sleeping in (mortal sin - really bad idea). I can only speak for me, but I have come up with a few things that help in the dry times.

(1) Remember there is always a purpose to everything, even if we never figure out what it is in this life. (I'm making my own 'can you tell me why' list for Heaven). This may be a time when we are to learn or strengthen the virtue of patience, of humility, of submission.....
(2) More time in the presence of our Lord - in the tabernacle or exposed; even if it's just to sit there and try to quiet my mind.
(3) Anticipating a particular part of the Mass and focusing on its significance and purpose(such as the elevation during consecration; placing a piece of the Eucharist in the Precious Blood; the words of the Our Father)
(4) Remembering I'm not the one in charge. The graces will come when the Lord sends them - not before. Many times, it's not until the dryness is over that I realize I am stronger for it.
(5) Reading about the saints and reflecting on their lives. Many of the saints also had dry times when they continued to pray but had no feeling of the Lord being with them. Some describe a feeling of being so alone, but above all trusting in the Lord. We are all called to be saints, but the path isn't easy.

Just some things that work for me as I continue on my journey to holiness. As for names - how many people know your confirmation name???"

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