Saturday, November 25, 2006

Radical sacrifice

When I first read the following comment from an anonymous blogger, I was impressed but didn't know who the person was or the context of her story. I have since learned who the author is, and she is a good friend of mine. Some might read what she wrote and think that she and her husband are crazy. I can testify to their saneness! They are deeply good Christian disciples, spouses, and parents. They have realized that God is calling them to make a heroic and radical sacrifice for their children, and they have generously responded. What a great witness to Christian charity, simplicity, and generosity!

"We live in a very expensive part of the country. Materialism is rampant. Materialism is insidious. It can lead families into serious debt and literally rob families of just plain old time together.It can erode marital relationships. It can cause children to lose essential closeness with parents (who are primary instructors of the faith). Materialism can cause us to worship idols, have too much pride, and lose our faith. We are so overmarketed in this country - the advertisers make a mockery of Christmas. I can see Jesus now walking into a Macy's sale and throwing all the goods around (as he did that day in the temple).

My husband and I just lived through some of consequences of putting too much emphasis on materialism. After much prayer, time in adoration, and direction from an elder Christian, he approached me with a radical idea.

Long story short, we sold our nice sized suburban home. Sold our toys - extra vehicles - among other things. We downsized in every way for the sole purpose of aligning our lives with the service of Jesus Christ. We could see the effects of living the typical American Dream. No thanks.

My husband asked me to give up a six figure business to stay home and love and support the family. We have several children.

We have never felt greater joy in many years. We can't wait to tithe more and serve more in the church. We are teaching our kids the value of money instead of teaching them that it grows on trees. We eat family dinners EVERY night again and we pray as a family every day.

I realize this radical move is not necessary or appropriate for everyone. The will of God astounds me. God's will=God's pleasure."

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