Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gethsemane: the most powerful moment of the pilgrimage

Day 7 (June 2)

Chapel of the Ascension, located on the Mount of Olives, believed to be the site where Jesus ascended into Heaven 40 days after His Resurrection.

Stone believed to contain the footprint of Jesus when He ascended into Heaven.

Mount of Olives: where Jesus hid with His disciples, taught them to pray the Our Father, wept over Jerusalem, and entered into His agony in the garden the night before He died.

Pater Noster Church (Pater Noster = Our Father)

The two arches in the middle of the picture are where Christ entered Jerusalem (Palm Sunday).

Church of Dominus Flevit: where Jesus looked upon the city of Jerusalem and wept.  The cross in the middle of the window lines up with Mount Calvary in the distance.

Garden of Gethsemane

Gethsemane: "these trees witnessed the agony of Christ" (our tour guide, RJ).

Church of Agony / Gethsemane: offering the Precious Blood at Mass a few feet from where it was first shed (Rock of Agony).  INCREDIBLE.

View from the Church of the Visitation...Mary traveled 90 miles over rough terrain while pregnant with Jesus to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist.

Church of the Visitation

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