Friday, January 24, 2014

That's cold, WaPo

The heat must not be working in the offices of the Washington Post.   Yesterday's front section included an opinion piece by Dana Milbank about the March for Life which is as chilly as the weather.  He was being ironic, turning the tables on at least one marcher who had prayed for bad weather on opponents in the past.  But, his suggestions and theories are just downright cold: 

         "(I)f there are weather gods, they may have been making a pointed comment about a movement
          that has become frozen in time". 

A crowd of 250,000+ people (not the number of 25,000 that he mentioned), most of whom are young, in sub-zero weather does not signify "a movement that has become frozen in time".

         "So the weather was whipped up by Washington? For the antiabortion marchers, this theory
          beat the alternative: that it was the wrath of an angry God."
If Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" was with us Wednesday, God was not against us.

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