Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stephen Colbert defends the Eucharist...and the priesthood!

Click HERE to view a clip from the "Colbert report" in which Stephen Colbert teaches his guest and millions of people that "Jesus said, 'this is my body...this is my blood'".  This is unbelievable...one of the coolest things I've seen on TV.  Also, one of the saddest with the man who wrote the book condemning the priesthood.  He's right to say that Holy Communion is not receiving the physical flesh of Christ, but wrong to say that it's not the real flesh of Christ. And, his main source for that is St. Augustine...he argued against receiving the Eucharist as cannibalism, saying that it's the spiritual presence of Christ....but REAL presence. 

If you scroll down the site, there is a commentary by Fr. Barron which puts the book and this man's view of the priesthood into its proper context. 

Great evangelization, Colbert!

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