Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Homily: "Speak...the...Truth...in love"

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“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”.  We saw a few signs with this Scripture quote from Jeremiah at the March for Life .  It is a very prominent verse in the pro-life movement, and rightfully so.  But, the passage is really referring to a prophetic call.  “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”…I called you…I predestined you.  “Before you were born, I dedicated you”…I consecrated you…I set you apart to be a prophet…”a prophet to the nations I appointed you”.  God is calling Jeremiah and all of us who are baptized to be prophets…to speak for God…to speak the truth…to speak the truth in love.

Today’s second reading is another popular Scripture passage.  If you’ve been to a Catholic wedding, chances are you’ve heard 1 Corinthians 12.  It’s all about love.  At the heart of it, “love rejoices in the truth”.  It really is an act of love to speak the truth…to speak for God…to defend the teachings of Christ and the Church.  Where there is love, there is truth.  Where there is truth, there is love.

We need to know our stuff to speak the truth.  When I was a junior at the University of Maryland, I took a philosophy class in which we debated different moral issues.  When abortion came up, I was ready with pictures and facts on the stages of life.  I was the sole pro-life voice.  It was 30 against 1. But, I did okay because I knew my stuff.  We have tons of materials at the Newman Center to help you know the truth and speak the truth as prophets on this campus.  We have quick-hitting pamphlets on Purgatory, homosexuality, the Eucharist, etc.  You can just hand these pamphlets to people when you’re discussing teachings or issues.  If you don’t know the truth, know where to lead people to find the truth.

Finally, don’t be afraid to be a prophet.  It is tough, especially on a college campus.  But, it was very tough for Jesus and any of the prophets before you.  It was probably 30 on 1 in the synagogue or elsewhere for him.  And, speaking the truth is probably what got him killed.  But, he believed what God said to Jeremiah:  “They will fight against you but not prevail over you, for I am with you to deliver you”.  If we speak the truth, God is with us.  He is with us in the Eucharist tonight and all week to deliver us.

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