Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pray for those in the Gulf States

Today classes begin for GW students.  They have many things on their minds - classes, goals for the semester, time management, student orgs, roommates, getting settled, missing home, and fitting in.  Hopefully, GW Catholic also have PIZZA on their minds - that is what we're serving tonight at TUESDAY DINNER at the Newman Center.  Mass at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6, student org fair at 6:30.
With all that you have on your mind and heart today, please include the people of New Orleans and the Gulf States in your thoughts as they brace for another big storm eerily on the seven year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Say a prayer for them, too, please.  You can say your own or this one that I found online:
Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you today and we ask for your comfort for all those who are nervous, fearful and full of anxiety today. Lord, there are many that are waiting for the Hurricane Isaac to hit. Many have not fully recovered since Katrina hit seven years ago. Lord, in So. California, the earthquake swarm continues and the chance of a large quake looms large…if the same thing happens in California, that occurred in Japan…Lord we ask for your peace and your comfort to engulf each person that is scared about what lies ahead. Lord, you alone can calm the seas and the winds. We ask for your divine intervention, Father. We ask that the storm will weaken. We ask that the earthquakes will stop. We ask for comfort for those who have already lost loved ones in this storm. The temperatures are very hot in California and we pray especially, for the sick and elderly who are without power and ask that you would protect them.

Lord, we ask for comfort for everyone that is grieving. We ask for comfort for those who are heartsick over bad news for themselves or loved ones. We ask for comfort for every family who is watching a loved one in a struggle for life. We ask for comfort for all that are dealing with health issues. We ask for comfort for all that are missing a loved one. We ask for your comfort for all the caregivers and parents who are weary and overwhelmed and need rest, but they can’t find it. We ask for comfort Lord, for all those who are feeling lost and alone and abandoned…for all those who feel no one cares about them… for all those who are separated from family or friends. We ask for comfort for all that are in a fight to hold onto their marriages. Lord, we pray for comfort for those who are being persecuted for their faith. We pray for comfort for those who are weary from financial problems that are weighing heavy on their minds. We ask for those who need comfort because they are in spiritual battles.

Lord, we are asking for what only you can give….Lord, we are asking and believing that you will put your arms around those who are feeling cold and empty and alone in the darkness. Shine your light Lord. May it warm and sustain each one from the inside out. Our heart’s our your home…please go through each room and turn on the lights inside our hearts. May we feel your strength well up in us. May we feel your courage fortify us. May we feel your comfort as we meditate on your word today and know that your Holy Spirit is with us… and in us …and working through us to help us stand through all we face. Father, may we in turn comfort others with the comfort you give us. Lord, we thank you for hearing our prayers and we ask all these things in Jesus name, Amen

This prayer is from a wonderful blog "Hope for the Broken Hearted".

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