Friday, July 27, 2012

"Living Uncomfortably"

One of our student leaders sent the following video to our student leader board.  He describes: "The beginning is mostly about learning, but second half is all about love, relationships, and forgiveness. He talks about a lot of Catholic themes, although he doesn't mention Christianity or Catholicism outright."  Excellent Christian critique! 

The last part of the lecture on "loving uncomfortably" is really good, especially when Professor Sides makes the distinction between love as a feeling and love as an act of the will.  Spot-on!  Also, his treatment of "giving uncomfortably" is timely because a GW grad just emailed me about how much to give to the Church and poor right after college with the high cost of living in DC, student loans, etc. I might post our exchange here soon, but my answer was from Mother Teresa: "give until it hurts".  This is what the professor is talking about...give uncomfortably. 

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