Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Why go to Mass?"

Anonymous wrote, "I've been considering studying abroad in Japan and O don't know how accessible mass will be for me there. I want to stay close to God and celebrate mass with him. But what if I can't find a catholic church? Or simply it's too far to commute? If I read the missal and try to pretend I'm there is that better?.."

Great question, Anon!   Thanks for your commitment to Sunday Mass; God is very pleased with you.  Do as much research as you can before you go.  I just googled "Catholic Church in Japan" and found a great site for you -  It lists all the cities in Japan with Churches.  Clicking on each city then takes you to a listing of the Churches with their addresses.  You can also try which locates Masses for Catholics around the world.  You should be able to find Sunday Mass!  If you do all that you can and find that there is no Church anywhere near you, you can ask your priest for a dispensation from the Sunday obligation  (which can be granted for a just reason).  He might give you suggestions on how you can be with the Church liturgically if you are physically uunable to attend Mass- reading the missal, praying over the Sunday readings (via the Magnificat, e.g.), and maybe even watching Mass on TV/internet (via EWTN). But, I believe that God will provide a place for you to attend Mass, receive the Bread of Life, and have a deep experience of the universality of the Church.

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