Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Catholic stuff you should know: Indulgences"

My niece who is a sophomore in college told me about a great series of podcasts called, "Catholic stuff you should know".  She wrote, "I LOVE these podcasts...I think that you will enjoy them. Fr John and Joe are hilarious! My friend...introduced me to them. I listened to the one on Creationism and Evolution--it's very interesting and they reference points about Creation that I've never even thought about before. And even just listening to it this morning kept me thinking all afternoon.I just checked out their site and a couple of the podcasts."  Woo, sounds good.  I listened to a couple of them, and they do sound entertaining and insightful. 

Check out the full series which is two years old on  At the bottom of the home page is a directory of the podcasts.  I found one on indulgences which is pretty good.  It is timely for us as a result of Divine Mercy Sunday. Please click on today's title to listen to it.

If you didn't hear my brief explanation of how a Catholic can gain the amazing grace of a plenary indulgence by attending Mass this past Sunday, please listen to my homily which I posted yesterday.  For those who attended Mass (geez, I hope that is all of you!), you have until Sunday to gain the plenary indulgence!  I'm open for Confession!!

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