Friday, March 02, 2012

College Mass of Conscience / Rally at White House tomorrow

Cardinal Wuerl just started a blog! Check it out at:

A few weeks ago, our Pro-Life Director at the Newman Center came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested that we have a Mass and rally of conscience to protest the HHS mandate. I thought his idea was so good that I called the Archdiocese immediately; they voiced approval with great enthusiasm. So, the first (I believe there will be more of these this year) Mass and Rally of Conscience will be tomorrow (March 3) at the GW Newman Center. It reminds me, of course, of the March for Life which has ballooned into a major event for the Church in the U.S. It’s always so good to be proactive with major causes…and proactive in such a solid, positive, communal way. This is what we need!

Tomorrow’s event is primarily for college students from around the area, but as the ad below says, others are invited. My guess is that the Archdiocese will hold a bigger one of these later in the year which hopefully will bring a huge presence to DC and the White House. If you cannot join us tomorrow, please pray for its fruitfulness.

Thanks to the recent Health and Human Services mandate, religious freedom is under attack in the United States. Weeks ago, The President changed the wording of the Mandate in an attempt to silence Catholics. The verbal adjustment did nothing to change the policy. The verbal adjustment did nothing to change the policy. We need to unite to send a message to our government:

People of faith are not backing down, we are doubling down!

On Saturday, March 3, 2012, college students from the greater Washington area will be joining together for a Mass for religious freedom at the GW Newman Catholic Student Center. We are encouraging college groups and people of all ages to attend this Mass and to show their solidarity with the Catholic Church in their fight to protect religious liberty.

After Mass, we will have a quick bite of lunch, then march to the White House for a short rally and to prayerfully pray the rosary outside the White House. 

Please email Chris Crawford today if you are attending –

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