Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Even demons believe!"

Happy Feast of the Triumph of the Cross!!

Today, we begin Wednesday Adoration at the Newman Center which goes from 12:30-10 pm every week this semester.  Over 30 students have made a weekly commitment to adore our Lord in the Eucharist for 30 minutes.  (The 30/30 club)  They have come to recognize and believe what even demons believe: that "this is my body" means this is my body.

Even Demons Believe!

Is The Lord Truly Present In The Eucharist? You Better Believe It!

Take From: "The Light Is On For You".

Msgr. Charles Pope - It was almost 15 years ago. I was At Old St. Mary’s here in D.C. celebrating Mass in the Latin (Extraordinary Form). It was a solemn high Mass. I don’t suppose I thought it any different than most Sunday’s but something quite amazing was about to happen.

As you may know the ancient Latin Mass is celebrated “ad orientem” (towards the Liturgical East). Priest and people all face one direction. What this means practically for the celebrant is that the people are behind him. It was time for the consecration. The priest is directed to bow low,his forearms on the altar table the host between his fingers.

As directed I said the venerable words of Consecration in a low but distinct voice, Hoc est enim Corpus meum (For this is my Body). The bells rang as I genuflected.

But behind me a disturbance of some sort, a shaking or rustling in the front pews behind me to my right. And then a moaning or grumbling. What was that? It did not really sound human,more like the grumbling of a large animal such as a boar or a bear,along with a plaintive moan that did not seem human. I elevated the host and wondered,“What was that?” Then silence. I could not turn to look easily for that is awkward for the celebrant in the ancient Latin Mass. But still I thought,What was that?

But it was time for the consecration of the chalice. Again,bowing low and pronouncing clearly and distinctly but in a low voice: Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei,novi et æterni testamenti;mysterium fidei;qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem pecatorum. Haec quotiescumque feceritis in mei memoriam facietis (for this is the cup of my Blood, of the new and eternal covenant; the mystery of faith; which will for the many be shed unto the remission of sins. When so ever you do this,you do it in my memory).

Then,I heard another sound this time an undeniable moan and then a shriek as some one cried out:“Leave me alone Jesus! Why do you torture me!” Suddenly a scuffling as some one ran out with the groaning sound of having been injured. The back doors swung open,then closed. Then silence.

Realization – I could not turn to look for I was raising the Chalice high over my head. But I knew in an instant that some poor demon-tormented soul had encountered Christ in the Eucharistic,and could not endure his real presence displayed for all to see. And the words of Scripture occurred to me: Even Demons believe and tremble (James 2:19).

Repentance – But just as James used those words to rebuke the weak faith of his flock I too had to repent. Why was a demon-troubled man more aware of the true presence and astonished by it than me? He was moved in the negative sense to run. Why was I not more moved in a positive and comparable way? What of the other believers in the pews? I don’t doubt that any of us believed intellectually in the true presence. But there is something very different and far more wonderful in being moved to the depth of your soul! It is so easy for us to be sleepy in the presence of the Divine,forgetful of the miraculous and awesome Presence available to us.

But let the record show that one day,almost 15 years ago,it was made quite plain to me that I held in my hands the Lord of Glory,the King of heaven and earth,the just Judge,and Ruler of the kings of the earth. Is the Lord truly present in the Eucharist? You’d better believe it, even demons believe that!

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Anonymous said...

The Tridentine Latin Mass is powerful and beautiful; and it's the most pure and reverent form of worship to God as we are present at Christ's Sacrifice. This Sacrifice is NOT done over again, rather it is the original and one Sacrifice from 2000 years ago that transcends time and brings us to the Cross... a Divine mystery and gift to us. May the Church move back to the Tridentine Latin Mass as the primary Mass!

Glory to Jesus Christ and may the Blessed Mother pray for us all!