Friday, July 02, 2010

Skydiving priest!

Check out a video that a friend sent me of a French priest who has jumped out of an airplane over 1,000 times. It is way cool! Kind of makes me want to try it...well, maybe not. To see the video, please click on today's title.


Matt Shoemaker said...

If you noticed, FG, the priest went skydiving in his cassock. I thought that was pretty epic. Fun post though- thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think you should try it, Father!! That'd be totally epic.

Anonymous said...

Well if they can have a Flying Nun (for those under 50, I'm referencing a TV series from the late '60s) then why not a Flying Priest?

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether he thinks about Luke 4:9-13 every time he steps out of an airplane.

If I were you Fr G I would use this passage as justification to NOT go skydiving ;)

Anonymous said...


Now anyone who was curious about what priests wear under their cassocks know the answer:

camo fatigues and combat boots.