Tuesday, June 12, 2007


A blogger asked this past weekend about "JustFAITH", a program that the parish is promoting. The following response was written by Lorraine Priestley, one of our parishioners who helps out with this social justice program:

"JustFaith is an adult formation program for those interested in social justice ministry. JustFaith provides a program for the participants to grow in their faith commitment to the gospel message to care for the poor and the vulnerable and to become advocates of justice. (Psalms 82:3-4)

It is a program to prepare us to apply the basic seven themes of Catholic teaching on social justice which is focused on:
- the dignity of the human person,
- the family as the central social institution,
- protection of human rights and our responsibility to one another
- reaching out to the poor and vulnerable (Mt 25:31-46),
- the dignity of work and the rights of the worker,
- solidarity with our neighbor and
- stewards of God’s creation.

It is a planned 30 session curriculum with a syllabus which includes, books, videos, discussion, prayer, two retreats and four immersion experiences. It is structured very similarly to the successful RCIA program and combines the features of long term process to allow change and growth to occur, access to education and strong emphasis on community building. It is now in its fifteen year and is sponsored by Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services.

For more information go to http://www.justfaith.org/"

Also, this info was on the bulletin insert about JustFaith:

When is it?
Monday evenings, Sept 07- June 08 (except holidays + school vacations)
Other groups may meet during the day and on different evenings if there is sufficient interest

What is involved?
-weekly 2 hour meetings
-retreats in September and May
-four visits with people who have experienced injustice
-about two hours of reading / wk

Cost: $145 per person for books (in installments; also, scholarships available)

If interested, contact Mary Tull, St Andrew parish Religious Education Office at 301-649-3555 or standrewreled@yahoo.com

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