Saturday, December 30, 2006

Seeing saints at Mass?

Here are a few questions from bloggers and a very interesting story written by "Linda". Cool stuff!

Anon: "How was it coming back to the good old USA (from Calcutta)- especially Mont. Co.. ???????Have friends who spent time in Medjugorje. They are also from Montgomery County. They found the materialism in this country apalling upon return.
Awesome story - THanks for sharing."

It was culture shock both going over there and coming back here. It was too much to process when I returned. For starters, I enjoyed clean air like I never had before! The biggest impression it has made on me, believe it or not, is how much food we waste in this country. The little kids there would give so much to have a mere portion of what we eat each day - probably the very portion we throw away. I know have a better understanding of why Mother Teresa was so careful to not waste food - "she never left even a morsel of food on her plate", her longtime friend told us - and I have tried to do the same ever since that trip. The staggering stat is that 20% of the world's population uses 80% of its resources. Whoa!

Anon: "A question that has nothing to do with the topic. I have been thinking about something lately. If your pastor leaves the church to go to a new one, does that mean he no longer is your pastor and the new one is?"


Linda:"2 weeks ago my family was priviledged to house 2 young ladies who were part of a group of young adults who travel the country putting on retreats for middle school age kids. They stayed with us for 1 night. As we chatted with them about their experiences and their testimonies (which I love to hear from the young people of the church), one of them told of a young couple they stayed with a couple months earlier who had a beautiful experience. the wife, who wasn't Catholic, had attended a mass with her husband. During the Eucharist Liturgy part of the mass the wife noticed many people dressed in white robes walking back and forth from the altar. Surrounding the altar. She thought it strange since she had never seen that before. she couldn't even see the priest anymore because of all these people surrounding him in white robes. She mentioned this to her husband after mass, asking why there were all those people there this time, going back and forth to and from the altar? His reply was...... WHAT People? What are you talking about. She has since converted to Catholisism. So per Fr. Greg's mention of all the saints being with us at mass..... well there you go. Someone actually saw them!!!"

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Miss Muffet said...

What a cool experience the wife had! I wish I could have see that during Mass. I shall pray for that or let God decide.