Friday, October 13, 2006

Letter to the editor

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The following is a letter to the editor that was published in yesterday's Catholic Standard. It is written (and very well written, might I add) by one of our parishioners: Fran Vanbrocklin. Please join me in applauding Fran for her courage, concern, and candor in addressing the important issue of appropriate television entertainment:

"Letter to the editor - Are TV shows really 'less objectionable'?

After having read the Fall TV Preview ('Fall's new TV series offer more quality, less objectionable content') in the September 28, 2006 edition (of Catholic Standard), I was totally baffled as to what exactly is LESS objectionable in these programs. Is it the premarital situations, premarital sex, the gratuitous shower scene, sleeping with one's estranged wife or the affair with one's boss?? Or could it be the mild profanity, intended suicide or crude language??

It seems to me that it does not, or rather, SHOULD NOT matter how many sexual references/situations, are included in the programming. It is offensive and objectionable, regardless of the frequency. Isn't this how crass TV programming was born?? It starts off small, then explodes into something much, much larger.

I am sorry, but the point 'less objectionable content' was in no way, shape or form conveyed in this piece. Only when TV programs are devoid of such topics, will they cease to become offensive and objectionable."

Fran VanBrocklin
Olney, MD

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